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The Value of Landscaping

The Value of Landscaping


Landscaping is a significant expense for many associations. It is also a major factor in curb appeal. Multiple Boards considers it a long-term investment in the community. Consider the value of landscaping to your community as you think of ways to increase the attractiveness of your community.


Landscaping saves money. Replacing turf for perennial or drought-tolerant ground cover reduces maintenance and water use.

Landscaping can screen unsightly utility boxes or antennae, reduce noise and provide privacy.

A well-planned landscaping scheme will provide color throughout the year.

Properly placed landscaping directs common-area pedestrian traffic.

Landscaping can correct or stabilize steep slopes, wetlands and other challenging areas.

Landscaping provides visual interest, especially when it incorporates elements like fountains, arbors or decorative walls or fences.

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