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Effective Board Communication: A Vital Tool

Effective Board Communication: A Vital Tool

There are two central themes that continue to be a crucial component of all current business and personal transactions: Authenticity and Transparency. As a general rule, the more you have of both, the better you are regarded by the public, associates, employees, friends and family.

One easy way to generate feelings of authenticity and transparency among your homeowners is through effective communication from the HOA Board of Directors.  What messages, if any, are you sending your homeowners? Do homeowners only hear from you when the assessment mailings are sent? Regular emails or association newsletters with important information and updates is your opportunity to win and maintain favor with the community.  Don't be afraid to tout the positive and productive things the Board has accomplished. Sometimes I hear Board members say they feel unappreciated but how will they know all that you've done if you don't tell them?

Keeping homeowners in the dark about why certain decisions are being made creates a disconnect. The Board may have spent considerable time and energy making careful and thoughtful decisions, but if homeowners don't understand the thought process behind them, they may be prone to adverse feelings and attitudes. With open, honest, and regular communication, the Board is in a better position to earn the trust of homeowners and create an easier path to accomplishing community goals.

It's not a bad idea to assign a special committee or individual the responsibility of sharing HOA Board updates and decisions with the community. They can oversee the distribution of regular emails or newsletters, or these updates could be posted on the HOA website if there is one. 

Keep homeowners in the loop and help them understand why decisions are being made - especially when it involves association dues, assessments, and other factors that directly affect them. Make great communication a key focus of the Board. As we all know, it's the most important component of any successful relationship.

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