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The Important Role of HOA Management for Developers

As the economy continues to grow and thrive, so do real estate developers and new construction projects. However, increased construction demand also means there are fewer workers to go around, causing building projects to take longer and move slower. One way for developers to reduce unnecessary delays is to secure a solid plan for HOA management early in the process. Using a reputable and competent association management company can be a tremendous asset; reducing stress and the unintended missteps that can lead to costly and frustrating postponements.


Of course, as with most businesses, there are both competent and unfortunately incompetent HOA management companies out there so extreme care should be taken when making a selection. Here are five important prerequisites that every developer should look for in an HOA management company:


  1. They should offer an initial consultation at no charge to help the developer determine a sufficient action plan for the HOA that is specific to the development.
  2. They should be able to develop and present projected buildout budgets and forecasts from startup through the buildout.
  3. They should provide valuable insights, guidance and feedback regarding the implementation of governing documents and in establishing a prudent financial reserve policy.
  4. They should have a proven operational process that successfully takes the project from startup through the ultimate transition to the residential Board of Directors.
  5. They should serve as a developer advocate and assist in distinguishing developer issues from builder issues, keeping the developer insulated from blame for non-developer issues outside of their scope.


It would also be wise to check at least three references and engage only with companies who are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and maintain a consistent A+ rating. Developers should also be familiar with the stark differences between community mangers and property managers.


This is an exciting time for developers – a time to make hay while the sun shines as they say. A solid association management company can be worth its weight in gold in helping expedite the development process and shielding the developer from unnecessary risk and stress.

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