“AMS has been very satisfactory for our community. I really appreciate the fast response to e-mail’s concerning problems and questions….and then a follow through to conclusion.”

– JoAnne, Board Member

“I can’t imagine working with a more professional or caring group of people. Their support has been essential to keeping things running smoothly in our community.”

– Jan, Board President

“Our community has had a long term relationship with AMS. They have provided the support and direction needed for any HOA board to successfully manage through the ever changing issues that face communities in today’s environment.”

– Frank, Board President

“Hiring AMS to manage our community has been the best decision we have made since I have been on the board of the HOA.”

– Bill, Board Member

“Working with AMS and their staff is truly working with the best. They know the workings of homeowner’s associations and spend tireless hours assisting our community in any way they can. Our representatives know the law, the processes we have available to us, they know how to navigate areas that our Board may not have expertise in. They aren’t pushy and don’t try to force their opinions on the community. They work with us as partners. They are a pleasure to work with and always the consumate professional. I can’t remember a time when our community has needed something that AMS hasn’t been there to help us through.”

– Lynn, Board Member