Managing Conflicts in Your HOA Community

Conflict is not always completely avoidable, and disagreements will arise in your HOA. Dealing with conflict in a tactful way will help dissolve disputes and create harmony in your community. Here are a few ways your board can handle conflict within your association.

  1. Manage. Follow your HOA’s governing documents when running meetings and establishing regulations. If a member disagrees with a decision, directing them to specific rules and guidelines in the governing documents can help regulate the conflict. Managing conflict in a preventative way will help dissolve issues before they even start.
  2. Defuse. Even if the board feels a decision is reasonable, you may have some homeowners that disagree. You can defuse these situations by being respectful and listening to their reasoning. This will show the member that you care, and they may have valid points that you can implement into your guidelines.
  3. Resolve. Sometimes a board’s decision can cause legitimate concern for residents, even if the ruling follows the association’s CC&Rs. In some cases, compromises and adjustments can be made to the decision. Let residents know you are taking their concerns under advisement while the board reviews the decision and potentially even the governing documents.

The majority of conflicts occur when there is a misunderstanding or a sense of dismissal. The solution for handling conflict is to manage your community by following your governing documents, show residents respect by listening to their concerns, and compromise when appropriate.

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