How To Handle Past Due HOA Assessments

While we hope that every homeowner pays their HOA dues on time, that is not always the case. Most communities will have a few stragglers or members who repeatedly fail to pay their dues. Here are a few ways to effectively combat delinquent dues and prevent future payment issues in your community.


With today’s hustle and bustle, paying HOA dues is typically not at the top of everyone’s mind. Sending clear reminders to your homeowners and letting them know what is expected will surely increase compliance rates. Let them know what is due, when it is due and the consequences of not paying. 

Establish a Billing Policy

In some cases, you will still have homeowners that refuse to pay regardless of how well you communicate. For these circumstances, it is important to establish and implement a formal policy. Seek guidance from legal counsel to make sure the policy falls withing your association’s legal rights and is fair for both parties. To avoid claims for selective enforcement, be sure to treat all delinquencies equally.

Association Attorney

When delinquency goes too far, you may have to seek legal action. Legal counsel is essential to ensure actions are handled properly and within the HOA’s legal rights. A good attorney will determine if the homeowner has assets and will examine various options for pursuing legal action with the member.

Showing compassion, especially to first time offenders, will build lasting relationships in your community. Members will still need to pay their debt in full, but offering payment plans or alternate reasonable accommodations can give homeowners confidence in their relationship with their HOA. 

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